Holistic practitioners, naturopaths, and acupuncturists share the common opinion, that one of the key ailments facing Americans today is allergy.

According to the Medical College of Wisconsin, "Allergic disease's are major causes of illness and disability in the US today, afflicting more than 35 million people with upper respiratory symptoms."

"Green" conscious people around the world are slowing discovering the hypoallergenic effects of bamboo and the 1/3 lbs of pesticide one can avoid by using bamboo fiber as opposed to cotton in a typical garment or towel alone. Bamboo products are invaluable as a result. Consumers are hungry to know about Eco-friendly products in this push for Green, especially if they can use it in their daily lives, benefit from it personally, and help the planet's fragile Eco-system at the same time!

When it comes to nature we believe in humility. We appreciate and respect our trees and soils. We believe that there is nothing wrong with utilizing what nature provides, but with modesty. We believe that it is crucial for everyone to work toward a greener future, but as a company we have a greater responsibility toward sustainability. We are just like you, we need, appreciate and enjoy the splendor of forest, the depth of sea, and thus, we work hard to sustain the luxuries of nature. So our idea was simple, finding a product that serves not as just an alternative but a way to sustainability!

We hope you embrace our products and goals with the same candor we do!

StrictlyBamboo products are Oeko Tek 100 certified as chemical-free, and are made in a Chinese factory with ISO 14001 certification, which shows that some environmental guidelines are in place.

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